Avon Against the Badger Cull

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Get Involved

AABC is run completely by volunteers, we come from many different walks of life and have different skills we bring to the group and we are always looking for others to join us.






There are loads of ways you can get involved, if you are based in the “Avon” area you can help out in the following ways.




Sett surveying - this is done all year round




Badger patrol - only during culling time, normally from the end of August though till mid-October.




If you are not local but would like to get involved or are not physically able to come out walking with us there are other ways you can help




Fundraising – any way you can think of to help raise funds for equipment and fuel some ways we currently raise funds are. All money raised goes directly towards protecting badgers.




Car boot sales


Vegan markets


Bake sales


Sponsored runs




Are you crafty? In the past some of our supporters have donated AABC branded tops and badges for us to sell online and at fairs.




Perhaps you are arty, maybe you could design some cards for us to sell or donate a print we can auction/raffle off?




If you would like to get involved either physically or help with fundraising please email us on: