Avon Against the Badger Cull

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Badger Patrol

Do you like country walks? Do you care about wildlife?




We are always looking for volunteers to join our Badger Patrols in your area.


Badger patrols are family friendly walks along footpaths. They are often in the evening with a group of people with torches and hi vis vests. They run throughout the badger cull period. Normally from September through to mid-October.


They are 100% legal and are coordinated night walks within the badger cull zones.



If you are interested in joining one of our organised patrols, or are interested in setting up a pop-up patrol of your own, please get in touch.




Patrols go out at night, always in a group so no one is ever alone. We are as visible as possible on rights of way, deterring any shooters that might be nearby.




Being on the ground puts the badger patrol in a very good position to gather evidence of breaches of licence conditions. Inhumane shooting, snaring, or any other information that may help to show the public and government how unjust the badger culls are.




If you decide to take part, remember this: Badger patrols are 100% legal, we do not conduct ourselves outside the law ever. Patrollers have a legal right to go where they go and do what they do.




Some equipment is essential. Apart from the obvious, warm clothing, waterproofs, boots, high-visibility jackets, (we generally provide hi-vis jackets on our organised walks) torches with spare batteries, cameras and mobile phones with a GPS facility.




If possible, a dashboard and body cameras to record any incidents.




Come and get involved in saving wildlife in your local area and meet new people with similar interests, you’ll never walk alone.


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